Sustainability Partner: TerraVerde

TerraVerde is a sustainability consultancy dedicated to travel, tourism & hospitality. 

We support clients across the sector on their journeys to a sustainable and low carbon future. The team combines decades of leadership experience across tourism’s value chain with the know-how of professional advisory. Insights into the challenges facing our clients; are fused with best practice in environmental science, project management, supply chain analysis and communications. 

Our practical advice helps our client’s future-proof their businesses, whilst minimising their impact on the natural world.

Shifting expectations from customers, stakeholders and increasingly regulation, are impacting all businesses, but inevitably larger, established companies are the first under the spotlight. 

Typical solutions for a larger business would include:

  • An overview of the company sustainability position, aligning management on a strategic roadmap.
  • Carbon measurement of your operations and products (to GHG protocol methodologies). 
  • Advice on reducing your carbon and consumption. 
  • Introductory supply chain analysis and engagement (typically accounting for over 80% of impact).
  • “Beyond carbon” advice of business risks & opportunities arising from climate & biodiversity, using frameworks such as &
However, we know that every client is different, so tailor pricing to meet your needs. 

Contact us at for a proposal.

Advice is enhanced by tools, templates, and technology to support data-driven decision-making and deliver optimum business results. Our team can also provide workshops to engage staff and stakeholders, unlocking further value for your business. 

 Special starter package exclusively for ITT’s SME Members

SME’s also need support in managing resources, mitigating sky-high energy bills and reacting to customer demand for sustainable products. 

We have therefore put together a special starter package exclusively for ITT’s SME Members of £1299 + VAT, aimed at kickstarting their sustainability journey. 

Inclusions are:

  • Baseline measurement of your company carbon footprint.
  • Advice on how to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact.
  • 1 year’s access to our Travel Carbon Calculator, with 50 credits to measure the carbon footprint of your tours or travel products. 
This offer is only available to ITT SME Members** for a limited 6-week period starting 23 October 2023

Contact, with your ITT membership number for details.

**Defined as £5m turnover (TTV) p.a. or less, and under 20 full time employee equivalents