Travel Uni

We are Travel!
Travel Uni is the largest global training and engagement platform for the travel trade and wider industry, with over 60,000 members in the UK &Ireland and over 230,000 members across 63 countries in 15 languages. 
Created in 2003 it features over 60 training courses and trade platforms, together with over 120 webinars, most of which are created by Equator Learning, the technology and production company behind Travel Uni. It is now one of the world’s largest and most experienced travel industry learning, marketing and engagement specialists. 
Most members are ‘frontline’ travel agency staff and management. Additionally, members include tour operator booking staff and management together with contracting and marketing staff.
Members primarily book holiday and leisure trips with over 60% booking luxury trips and over 50% booking cruises. 


Travel Uni is a global collective community of travel destinations and companies working together with hundreds of thousands of individuals working in travel agencies, tour operators and a wide range of other intermediaries, advising travellers on how best to make the right decisions to meet their needs and desires.

Our initiative is to help identify the companies making the most progress in putting responsible and sustainable travel at the forefront of their educational and engagement programmes for the travel trade. We are showcasing those organisations that deserve recognition for their efforts and focus in this area.

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