Collaborating with ITT Centres of Excellence opens doors to a wealth of knowledge and enables businesses to unlock the vast potential of collaborative research, specialised expertise, cutting-edge facilities and methodologies.

Research Collaborations

ITT Members can establish partnerships with universities to address industry-specific challenges or explore innovative solutions. By joining forces with researchers and academics, businesses can tap into their expertise, gain access to state-of-the-art facilities, and leverage the latest research methodologies. These collaborations can lead to joint research projects, co-authored publications, and the development of groundbreaking technologies or practices. Our consultancies range from tailored partnerships and ideation sessions to group consultancy projects.

Student-Led Consultancy

Many ITT Centres of Excellence offer paid and free student-led consultancy services, providing businesses with specialized advice and guidance. Engaging in these opportunities allows businesses to seek advice on specific issues, access expert opinions, and receive tailored solutions based on research and industry expertise. Our consultancy services cover areas such as market research, product development, process improvement, and sustainability strategies.

Dedicated Researcher Collaborations

Businesses have the option to work closely with a dedicated researcher on a defined research program spanning three to four years. For instance, the Doctoral College at the University of Surrey (and other universities) can help connect businesses with relevant researchers and provide additional funded opportunities for PhD placement students within companies.

More Information

For more information, and to talk to the relevant contact at each university, please contact Paul Evans, Head of Membership on 0844 4995 653 or