Sustainability Partner: Ecollective

What we do: 
The science is clear, we need to reduce our emissions. 

Ecollective will help measure and reduce your carbon footprint. This is to help your business halve your emissions by 2030 in line with the world's needs – and also in line with the Glasgow Declaration.

What we would deliver:
  • A tool for calculating office, working from home, staff trips, website, brochure and other HQ emissions
  • A tool for calculating the carbon footprint of what you sell.
We will then calculate the entire carbon footprint of the business: 
  • Suggest achievable but ambitious targets for the future to suit your business model.
  • Most importantly, we find the actions you can take that will:
    • Reduce your footprint
    • Work for your finances
    • Benefit your team and customers. 
Finally, we will provide you with: 
  • The methodology used and website copy to talk about this work.
  • A presentation with your team to go through the results and suggest next steps.
  • Optional extra: help applying for Science-Based Targets or B Corp
Note: we do not provide offsets, We purely focus on reducing emissions

What we would need from you: 
  • 1 staff member, 1-1.5 hours a week for 6-8 weeks. 
  • Information about your operations and feedback on our work
(We’ll ask questions such as ‘who is the energy provider of your office?’ and for details on all the staff trips carried out in a calendar year.)


This varies depending on the complexity of your business. A typical project to measure your business and make it easy to reduce your footprint is £5000 (+VAT for UK businesses). For each following year, the cost is usually £2500