Guest speaker opportunities present a valuable platform for business leaders and industry professionals to share their knowledge and expertise across a wide range of sectors. These engagements foster a connection between what students are learning and its practical application in the real world. As a guest speaker, you have the chance to inspire students, create valuable networks, engage in continuous professional development (CPD), and even expand your social media following

Guest speakers are compensated for their services, either through a fee or alternative arrangements. In addition to financial rewards, these speaking engagements offer a unique opportunity for you to make a lasting impact. By sharing your insights and experiences, you can inspire the next generation of professionals and provide them with invaluable real-world perspectives.

Moreover, longer-term opportunities are available for business leaders who wish to engage meaningfully with education and cutting-edge research. The Executives-in-Residence scheme at the University of Surrey, for instance, invites industry leaders to join the School for an academic term. In this role, you contribute to the academic community by informing challenge-based education, bridging theory and practice, and identifying emerging opportunities for impactful industry research.

As an Executive-in-Residence, you offer a unique perspective on timely business issues, supporting practice-based education and providing mentorship and advice to students on career paths, business opportunities, and professional development. This engagement allows you to become an integral part of the academic ecosystem, sharing your expertise and insights to shape the future of business education and research.

Guest speaker opportunities and the Executives-in-Residence scheme not only provide you with a platform to share your knowledge but also offer a chance to give back to the academic community, make a meaningful impact on students' lives, and contribute to the development of future professionals.

For more information, and to talk to the relevant contact at each university, please contact Paul Evans, Head of Membership on 0844 4995 653 or