ITT Election 2022

 It is an indication of the strength of the Institute that once again we have a record number of candidates, with 19 candidates competing for six vacancies.

You can view an election address and biography for each of the candidates by clicking on the names below.

There is ONE vacancy in the Education and Training category.  The following Members are standing:

Peter Robinson
Jo Roche 

There are TWO vacancies in the Transportation category. The following Members are standing:

Teresa Arnone
Stephen Bath
Manuel Butler  
Julie Murphy  
Sophie Nelson
Stephen Roby
Richard Tams

There are THREE vacancies in the General category. The following Members are standing:

Donna Allcock
Peter Brudenell
Angela Day  
Joy Lacana                                
Bruce Martin
Stephen Mills                        
Bill Munro                              
Christopher Oakes                
Dan Pearce                
Jax Shaw 

Members have received their online ballot paper by email and should complete it no later than 17.30 on Friday 27 May

Please note that only one ballot paper will be accepted per Member.