Sustainability Partner: C Level

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C Level is a B Corp-certified climate platform on a mission for over 20 years, helping businesses understand and take action on climate and biodiversity. 

We only work with community-led nature-based carbon removal projects that give full agency to communities on their own land. All our projects are independently verified under the world’s original and best carbon standard, Plan Vivo.

C Level has helped many travel companies remove carbon and progress towards Net Zero. Skyscanner, Intrepid Travel, Much Better Adventures, Projects Abroad, Cazenove & Loyd, Butterfield & Robinson and Pura Aventura have all benefited from our carbon consultancy and climate tech services. 

As well as offering consultancy, we offer travel companies use of our Balance Carbon API and their own Carbon Hub to run their own branded versions of our carbon tools including Balance My Flight, Balance My Travel and Balance My Accommodation. These are all integrating with the worlds most ethical and holistic pro nature and pro people climate projects, enabling: 

Action on carbon, Action on Forests, With communities...

Through C Level there will always be a way to engage, even if budgets are super tight. We are highly pragmatic and have developed travel sector specific tools that are fully inclusive and affordable. This is the range from simple to complex: 

Our services:

  • Project Selection, looking to purchase a fixed amount of carbon from an award-winning carbon project.
  • Climate Tech, leverage our Balance Carbon API and Carbon Hub to seamlessly integrate your net zero strategies directly with your online products (software or website) and services.
  • Base Carbon, a simple consultancy package that calculates your Scope 1,2 & 3 for a flat rate minimum fee.
  • Bespoke Carbon, offering complex consulting of your company supply chain and travel tours.