Lucia Rowe

ITT Board Member

Lucia Rowe is a dedicated travel executive, with over 17 years combined experience starting up complex product concepts as well as directing operational areas in large and small travel organisations. She is the Managing Director of A-ROSA River Cruises in the UK and is part of the ITT Board.
Lucia’s career has been built on a passionate approach towards a variety of managerial roles and business sectors: from hands-on river cruise start-ups with A-ROSA River Cruises and DER Touristik to private Yacht concepts (Lurssen Yachts/Beluga Group - nowadays Ritz-Carlton Yachts). A strategist with a solid reputation for driving top revenue numbers while providing quality product, Lucia is a results-driven professional, skilful at building strong and successful international teams by adeptly coordinating people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and positions.
Lucia was educated at MBA level and is fluent in four languages with proficiency in a fifth.