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#SaveTravel: Grounds for Optimism
Thankfully, it looks as if there may be grounds for optimism with the recent announcement that two on-the-spot tests that can detect coronavirus within 90 minutes are to be rolled out across Britain this autumn.
Published - 04/08/2020

The Holiday Franchise Company Awarded ITT Recognition
The Institute of Travel and Tourism has awarded The Holiday Franchise Company with ITT Recognition for its in-house training programme 'Journey to Success' for the first time.
Published - 03/08/2020

Dr Steven Freudmann: #SaveTravel Comment
The government’s travel policy is a total shambles. There is no engagement with our industry whatsoever.
Published - 31/07/2020

ITT Future You launches 'On Demand' Youtube Channel
Following the success of the inaugural 'ITT Future You: International Careers Conference', ITT has published all of the video sessions as an 'On Demand' service via Youtube.
Published - 21/07/2020


News from Istanbul

The Safe Tourism Certification scheme is designed to “validate” the implementation of “high levels” of health and hygiene measures at airlines, airports and other transport stations, accommodation and food and beverage facilities.

The initiative is being run by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and comes after scheduled flights from the UK to Turkey resumed on 11 June - Turkish Airlines resumed Gatwick-Antalya flights this week.

Tourism minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said: “The launch of our Safe Tourism Certification programme further demonstrates that Turkey will take a pioneering role in terms of directing the normalisation of tourism.

“Our new certification programme ensures that tourists can enjoy holidays in Turkey in a safe and hygienic manner and feel comfortable for the duration of their visit.

 “We have worked to ensure that the programme covers preventive and protective steps for all aspects of the holiday experience. In order to obtain the certificate, all transportation and accommodation facilities must take all precautions to provide a healthy holiday to guests.”


Istanbul Airport has opened its third runway barely a year after receiving its first flight. Three Turkish Airlines flights marked the occasion by taking off simultaneously, with day-to-day use of the third runway due to start on 18 June.


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Published: Friday, June 19, 2020

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