Christmas 2023 message

Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for your continued support. 

2023 was a year filled with relief and optimism. Relief that the Institute has recovered completely following the challenging pandemic years and real optimism because our membership is growing, and sponsorship support is stronger than ever.

I am delighted that, thanks to the work of our Sustainability Committee, we now have a Sustainability Resource Hub both on our website and on our Members’ CommunITTy App. It is a simple and accessible tool for all Members embarking on their sustainability journey.

ITT’s Education and Training Committee has continued its excellent work with a record number of college and university students attending our Future You Roadshows at our University Centres of Excellence.

Thanks to the wonderful support of the Greek National Tourism Organisation, we look forward to holding our annual flagship Conference in Halkidiki in June next year when we shall welcome our largest delegation for almost five years. The lineup of speakers is also sensational. So don’t forget to register whilst the early bird discount is still available. Register here>>

Dr Steven Freudmann F.Inst.T.T. Chair, ITT