Beyond Analysis

Beyond Analysis work extensively in the Travel sector helping clients to put their data to work to sell more trips and improve the customer experience. We can lay claim to some of the greatest successes in driving incremental revenue through our ground-breaking work with the likes of Flight Centre, the GDS Networks and Virgin Group.

By applying the latest in machine learning, data automation and cloud-based technologies Beyond Analysis develop highly effective analytics applications that: power your marketing and promotions; uncover market insights and growth opportunities; tell you where to locate your branches; and how to optimise conversion through your digital channels.

Established in 2006 with offices in the UK, Australia, Lithuania and India we provide services to Airlines, Travel Agents and the GDS networks.

Putting data to work, applying the latest in AI/Machine Learning, data automation and cloud-based technologies.

Beyond Analysis help Travel businesses use data to make smarter, faster decisions and solve complex business problems. Our vision is to help our clients to become passionate advocates of data driven decision making by keeping it quick and easy to put your data to work and get it out into the hands of the frontline.

We do this through our Quick & Easy cloud-based analytics applications and reporting platform that unifies, automates and shares your data. Our product promise is to do this quicker and more cost effectively than anyone else. We do this using innovative problem-solving approaches, hackathons and agile delivery models, making sure you have plenty of time, energy and resources left to put the insights to work to grow your business.

This is supported by our award-winning strategy and analytics consulting and market insights services that can be tailored to your unique business needs. Using the latest in machine learning and AI as well as our team’s combined experience and expertise, we bring you insights and strategies that can revolutionise the way you approach your business, while still delivering quick-wins and focusing on marginal gains.

We are a hands-on bunch of experienced data professionals that have worked with some of the world’s leading Travel brands. We have the battle scars and know what works and how to apply the right thinking and approach to your own unique situation to get the result.

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