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A digital marketing agency for travel & tourism

Why travel companies choose Cocktail Media
Digital agencies aren’t just hired to do a job. They are hired to be part of a company’s mission as a whole, a company that has very specific objectives and goals to achieve.

A company that operates in the Travel sector needs to understand the specifics of the industry, the needs of the travellers and have a full understanding of the user journey when they book a holiday.
Cocktail Media uses a data-driven approach and a competitor research analysis in order to deliver indispensable powerful metrics for Travel players. An agency that delivers results and inspires confidence for the future of Travel Marketing.

Free Audit of your Keywords listings
Google search is a simple basic exercise that every human has instinctively got use to when surfing on the web.
But what is interesting is that some words you type cost money to advertisers depending on their use in Search Engines.
And those High Value keywords, if well implemented organically and in PPC Campaigns can bring you a ridiculous amount of traffic to your website.

Let us see if your keywords fall in that category to help you move in the right business direction.
Send us now 1 keyword that makes sense for your business and we will give you Full Analysis report.

£50 saved on All Digital Packages
As an ITT member, you will exclusive £50 off in all our digital packages.

Non ITT members    ITT members
£653                       £603
£895                       £845
£1195                     £1145

Click here to see what each package includes.

To have access to this amazing offer please call us on 020 363 786 01 or send us an email to with the reference OFF50 ITT in the subject line and we will be happy to assist you with your digital marketing strategy.

If you’d like to have an overview of the digital services we provide, please visit

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