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A trading name of Insure For Travel Ltd
Compulsory Regulated Sales of Travel Insurance From 1st Jan 2009.

Sergio Pia, Sales Director at Insure for Travel Ltd and ITT Member M.Inst.TT would like to make the following member benefit offer to ITT Members and their companies. is now able to provide Appointed Representative/ Introducer Status via our partner ITC. The Financial Services Authority scheme for regulating travel companies means that all travel Agents/Tour Operators/organisers who sell Connected Travel Insurance which is bought with a holiday, travel tickets, accommodation and tours - will have to become regulated by the Financial Services Authority!


Maintenance or procurement of Professional Indemnity Insurance covering Insurance sales activity with a claim limit of £250,000. Included within your membership costs is the regulatory required professional Indemnity Insurance with a claim limit of £1,000,000

Providing a copy of our one page Status Disclosure Document to each customer (retaining a signed copy for face to face sales)

Product Pricing Structure

ITC Fee structure is based on three core factors:

1. The number of sites, each site is charged at £350
2. The number of staff undertaking regulated activity, each member of staff is charged at £30
3. Retained commissions, this is charged at half of one percent

Fees are subject to a minimum contract value (for each legal entity of £550). Fees are annual and subject to VAT.

If an organisation opts for interest free Direct Debit, ITC will require a 20% deposit at the time of submitting the application - the remainder will be split into 12 equal instalments with collections starting in January 2009. Please contact me via email at should you wish to discuss this further in preparation for January 2009. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS UNTIL LAST MINUTE OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO SELL TRAVEL INSURANCE FROM JAN 2009.

Introducer AR status

Non collection of Insurance premiums £100 per annum

0.5% of retained commissions/insurance profits

When contacting us please be sure to make it clear that you’re are a Member of ITT.

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