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Yomdel & Just a Drop: Spend a Penny Campaign
​Fellow ITT Member, Yomdel, has recently announced a new strategic partnership with global charity Just a Drop, the global charity working to bring sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities worldwide.
Published - 17/01/2020

Susan Hooper, Director of Chapter Zero, to Speak
Susan Hooper will speak at the ITT Conference in Istanbul. Susan is Director of Chapter Zero, an organisation dedicated to providing education, insight and support on climate change to non-executive Board Directors.
Published - 15/01/2020

First Network ITT of 2020
​The first Network ITT of 2020 took place at O’Neills in Wardour Street, London this week.
Published - 09/01/2020

Different Venue for the next Network ITT
To kick off the first Network ITT of 2020, we will be moving to a different venue – O’Neills in Wardour Street – next Wednesday from 6-8pm.
Published - 01/01/2020


Steven Freudmann: The 'Tide is Turning' against Johnson and No-Deal Brexit

Steven Freudmann has announced that he believes “the tide is turning” against PM Boris Johnson and those in Westminster backing a no-deal Brexit. 

He said he was encouraged by cooperation from MPs and lords sharing ITT’s opposition to Brexit: 

“It is the major issue of our time – and it is our job to use ITT’s political connections to make sure the industry’s voice is heard.” 

“I do now see the tide turning against Johnson. How anyone in the industry can want [a no-deal Brexit] is beyond me – it’s more obstacles being put in the way of our customers through a potential increase in border controls and visas.”

Steven said the ITT’s stance remained in favour of a second referendum, adding that if there was to be a Brexit, “the very least we can hope for is a managed exit”.

“I think the whole industry would see ‘no deal’ as a disaster,” he said, adding that he had received “numerous phone calls” from ITT Members backing the Institute’s stance. 

You can read the full article from TTG Media here. 

Published: Monday, September 16, 2019

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