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Latest News

New Category added to the ITT Student Awards
​ITT has introduced a Responsible Tourism Award to 2019’s ITT Student Awards.
Published - 22/03/2019

​Leading Barrister, Jo Delahunty to Speak
Professor Jo Delahunty QC, a leading UK barrister and Judge, will speak in Split.
Published - 19/03/2019

Technology Leader Mooly Eden to Speak
ITT is very pleased that Mooly Eden, the Chairman of the University of Haifa, will be speaking in Split.
Published - 18/03/2019

ITT Board Nominations 2019
Nominations for the ITT Board are now open
Published - 14/03/2019


Amar Latif from BBC's Travelling Blind To Speak

ITT is honored to announce Amar Latif as a Conference speaker. After losing 95% of his sight at the age of 18, Amar turned this tale of loss into one of inspirational achievement. As the founder of Traveleyes, a tour operator that sees visually impaired and sighted travellers embarking on trips around the world together, Amar focuses on experiencing the world with all five senses. 

You may recognise Amar from BBC Two’s programme ‘Travelling Blind’ last week. The documentary followed the entrepreneur’s voyage to Turkey with the stand-up comedian Sara Pascoe as his sighted guide. From persuading Sara to put her head in a hive of buzzing bees to taking in the country’s rich smells and flavours, he explored the possibility of travelling blind and ‘seeing’ the world differently. If you missed it, ITT recommends heading over to BBC iPlayer – it’s a must-see!


Amar Latif is a blind traveller, entrepreneur and TV personality with an astonishing track record in facing up to major challenges. As well as directing documentary films, including work for Channel 4 TV (Sightseeing Blind, featured at the British Film Institute), Amar has appeared in a number of TV productions as both a presenter and actor.

In 2004, Amar founded Traveleyes, the world’s first commercial tour operator to specialise in holidays for blind as well as sighted travellers. Traveleyes has opened the holiday travel industry to millions of blind and partially sighted people around the world, giving them the opportunity to walk with lions in Africa, sail the Ionian Sea and ski down Europe’s highest mountains. Amar continues to lead many of these group explorations himself; uncovering the countless wonders that world travel offers the senses.

Published: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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