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ITT Conference 2018

Sir David Michels has 50 years’ experience in the hotel industry and has held a number of high-profile positions over the course of an illustrious career.

After graduating Hotel School in 1966, Sir David held various positions at the Grand Metropolitan Hotels Group, including four years in the USA as Sales and Marketing Director with a seat on the hotel’s division board.

Following his time at the Grand Metropolitan, Sir David took on the role of Sales and Marketing Director at Ladbroke Hotels. After a successful two years here, he moved onto the role of Managing Director for Ladbroke Machine Services, which led onto him taking the role of Managing Director for Ladbroke Hotels.

In 1987, Sir David moved onto Hilton International in the role of Vice President, Sales and Marketing. In 1991 he was made CEO of Stakis Plc and then in 1999 Sir David took on the role of CEO for Hilton International and Ladbrokes Hotels.

In 2006 he was knighted for his services to the hotel and catering industry. Today, Sir David is Chairman of Michels & Taylor, the hotel asset management and business consultancy he founded after retiring as Chief Executive of Hilton International and Ladbrokes.

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