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ITT Conference 2018

Oliver is the co-founder of Hook, a cyber security platform that mixes psychology and cyber, and a freelance innovation consultant.

He has been coding since the age of twelve and worked at J.Walter Thompson (JWT London) helping brands like HSBC and the Army create digital experiences. At Decoded, where he was Innovation Product Lead, he developed global innovation initiatives for some of the largest companies in the world.

Educated at Westminster School and Cambridge University, where he read psychology, Oliver has a passion for technology and believes that when technological advancements are applied in the right way they can change the world for the better. He has a particular interest in what is possible when technology and psychology are combined and strives to help people change their behavioral mind set.

As a speaker Oliver empowers and excites audiences by educating them on how to attract, enhance and engage talent in a digital age, demystifies tech concepts and stimulates discussions. He encourages businesses to ready themselves for a complete redefinition of their business models, in order to cater and benefit from an ever increasing digital sphere.

Oliver builds digital confidence in individuals by removing the fear around technology and encouraging people to investigate and critique new digital ideas. This process results in the creation of more productive and valuable conversations within companies.

Oliver's new company, Hook, brings the hacker mindset to established companies, allowing them to move fast whilst not compromising their security.

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