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ITT shows its commitment to careers and education by recognition of good practice, student awards, consultancy and much more.

ITT runs an Education & Training Committee chaired by ITT Board Director Claire Steiner. Claire organises student events on behalf of ITT, such as the hugely popular 'Future You' seminar at WTM.

She also represents ITT on external education/ industry bodies. Educational partnerships are an important part of ITT’s careers and education work.

The most recent being with the Global Travel & Tourism Partnership, a multi-country educational programme to introduce students to careers in travel and tourism.

ITT Student of the Year 2013

ITT has awarded its prestigious Bella Rangal Callan Award for the Student of the Year 2013 to Carole Favre.

At 43 years old, Carole Favre has a few years on the average student. But age was just a number when the ITT decided to bestow their Student of the Year award on her last year.

Originally from Tours, France, she first worked as a language teacher in Lithuania, France and the UK. She dabbled with a career in media when she co-hosted a series of cooking programmes on Lithuanian state TV, and there was a brush with international diplomacy when she worked as PA to the cultural attache in the French Embassy in Lithuania.

While she enjoyed both these jobs, she says she was too young to have the confidence to plan a career. “Everything I have ever done in life has always happened as some kind of chance or ‘accident’ or rather maybe providence. I see an opportunity and I try it.”

In 1997 she moved to the UK and kick-started her career in the industry with a job as a travel agent at Usit Campus at London’s Victoria Station.

Since then she has worked as a lecturer at Colchester Institute for 12 years, teaching tourism management, and most recently as the awards coordinator for Favre received the award at the end of her MSc in Responsible Tourism Management at Leeds Metropolitan University.

She explains what the award means to her at this stage in her studies: “My master’s came at a late age but [the award] confirmed for me that I could do this. As an older student the award takes on quite another meaning, as you have to juggle part-time work and make sacrifices. To receive this public recognition for my hard work really means a lot.”

Favre’s passion for working with people and previous teaching experience led her to become a lecturer in tourism. But after 12 years at the Colchester Institute, she wanted to use her knowledge of travel and teaching skills to do something different.

“That’s why I decided to do my master’s. I went on holiday to Ethiopia four years ago and did a community village tour. I really loved what they were doing and decided I wanted to change my direction within tourism.”

For Favre, the most important issue in the industry is responsible tourism. “It affects a lot of people and there’s a big debate about where this money goes in tourism.

“You can make it better if you employ local people and encourage them to create their own company. Obviously tourists have expectations so it’s all about achieving the right standards - I want to be that bridge between the two and help poor entrepreneurs get access to foreign markets.”

For part of her dissertation during her master’s, Favre decided to put this into practice and write a manual on “How to sell excursions to UK tour operators”. The manual is for small excursion providers, which Favre says was designed to “explain how they could do responsible tourism and use that to enhance the experience of the tourists on the domestic market”.

It was published by The Travel Foundation and is now available to download from the Green Business Tools section of its website.

“It goes beyond my expectations; I didn’t start my master’s thinking any of this would happen. I wanted to write a dissertation that would be useful - when you’re 43 you want it to be worthwhile.”

Favre is developing ideas from this manual to set up her own business. She hopes to be commissioned by destinations and small business associations to train small entrepreneurs to understand what UK tour operators are looking for.

“The idea is to help small entrepreneurs understand how they can gain business from the UK and other countries in Europe. I love sharing knowledge so if I can help people through that it would make me very happy.”


ITT Centres of Excellence

ITT created the Centres of Excellence status to recognise leading universities keen on working particularly closely with the Institute.

Universities with Centre of Excellence status will be able to use a dedicated logo, receive support in organising industrial placements, have access to high level industry speakers, have access to senior industry figures for research purposes and will grant an annual ITT Centre of Excellence Student of the Year award to a student identified by the university.

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